A day in the life of a Guide Dog – Part Three

The bay where I catch the bus home is used by at least six other routes so it can be difficult to figure out which bus is mine. People often ask how Wiley takes me to the right bus, I explain that as talented as he is he can’t read and it is my job to find the right bus.

To help I have a sign with my route number, that means drivers of other buses know they don’t have to check with me before the depart. More often than not a fellow passenger reads my sign and tells me when the correct bus arrives.

Our trip home was uneventful. Wiley guided me from the bus stop to home, again seamlessly taking me around the fallen tree. As soon as we walked in the door I took of his harness and working collar and lead. He got a quick massage before we enjoyed playtime. Whenever possible Wiley and I play together when we get home after working as it helps him to relax. On Friday we played hide and seek and tug.

While I made my lunch Wiley took his nylabone to bed for a bit of a chew before he went to sleep. When he woke I gave him a dried roo flap as I wanted him to have something in his tummy as his dinner was going to be a little late because we had an after-school talk.

After eating my lunch I cuddled up with Wiley in his bed and listened to an audio book for an hour or so. This is my favorite way to unwind and spend quality time with my boy.

I had previously arranged for my parents to pick me up and drive me to the school talk. They collected us about 3PM and as the talk was not until 4PM we had enough time to go back to their place for a cuppa and a chat. We finalised our plans for Christmas – I can’t wait.

While we chatted Wiley had a great time catching up with their little dog as well as exploring the garden where he did another wee.

A little before 4PM I harnessed Wiley and Dad drove us to the school, all Wiley had to do was guide me from the car-park to the hall and then to the chair where I was going to sit while giving the talk.

I spoke for about 10 minutes and gave a demonstration of Wiley’s guiding skills. I made sure to get the message across that Guide Dogs igo to places pet dogs can’t go and that a Guide Dog in harness is working and shouldn’t be pat, fed or distracted.

Question time seemed to go on forever, I was delighted that the children were so interested. Once the last question was answered I asked if anyone would like me to take off Wiley’s harness so they could give him a pat, apparently just about everyone put up their hand 🙂

I took of Wiley’s harness and asked him to drop. He laid down and then the students came up in pairs to give him a pat. He loves getting attention from children and happily rolled on his back for tummy scratches. Everyone loved him and like question time cuddle time seemed to go on forever.

Eventually everyone had said their hellos so it was item for Wiley and I to leave. Wiley took me back out to the car-park where Dad was waiting for us. We were both tired and it had been a long day so we went straight home.

Back at home we had a quick play before I started to prepare my dinner while Wiley chilled out on his bed waiting for his tea. After about 10 minutes I prepared Wiley’s meal, told him to sit and wait before releasing him to eat. After dinner he has quiet time for at least an hour as I want to minimize risk of bloat.

The day ended with some more playtime before the last recreational walk of the day around 7:30PM where he did yet another wee. Then it is was a night time treat of peanut butter smeared on a nylabone for Wiley and a chocolate truffle for me before we both headed to bed.

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