A few days away from home.

Wiley and I have just returned from staying at my parents place for a couple of days. They went away for a short break so I offered to look after the little munchkin. The poor fellow got an upset tummy the day after they left but thankfully it was only a 24 bug and he was back to his cheeky self the next day.

Wiley and I enjoyed some lovely recreational walks, it is nice to visit places we don’t walk often. Wiley seems to enjoy it as well, taking a little extra time to stop and sniff.

During our stay I needed to attend a meeting and do some shopping so Wiley and I headed out a couple of times. This meant leaving the wee lad at home on his own.  It always surprises me just how quickly dogs pick up on our routines. The munchkin knows that if I pick up Wiley’s harness we are going out and he runs to his bed where he gets his kong filled with tasty treats.

I was very impressed that Wiley remembered how to get to the bus stop and local shops. It has been ages since we visited those destinations but as soon as I said ‘find the bus’ he strode off confidently which is a sure sign he knows exactly where he is going.

The other day i tried to count up the number of destinations Wiley knows I easily got to 40 and I know I missed some. I honestly can’t remember how I managed without him:)

As much as I think Wiley enjoys the company of another dog and having a garden to play in he always seems happy to get home and back to it just being the two of us. As much as I adore mum and dad’s dog I feel much the same way!

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