My lovely community

I love the little community where i live. I was one of the first people to move in almost two years ago as my place was part of stage one. All the building work is finished now and there is a great mix of free standing homes, duplexes, small and large unit complexes and places like mine which are a dual occupancy.

Wiley and I walk around the development several times a day. This has given me the opportunity to meet and become friends with a number of other residents. Wiley is usually out doing a recreational or wee walk which means he is free to say hi to people and other dogs as he isn’t working.

A lot of the people we regularly run into are fellow dog owners who are out walking their dog. The dogs range in size and breed, all are gorgeous and dog friendly and Wiley loves to say hi to all of them. Some of his favourites include a little toy poodle, another lab,  a samoyed, a pug cross, and a pair of japanese spitz, not too mention his best friend Haggis who lives around the corner.

Wiley is rather popular with a number of the younger children who live in the area. ,He is very gentle with kids and will happily lie in a down stay for those that are wary of big dogs.

One of the benefits of befriending so many people is that I have lots of offers of assistance if I ever need it. I am fairly independent and can manage to run my own household most of the time but there are some things I occasionally need help with. It is very reassuring knowing there are people close by to help me out in a crisis, for example if I ever need to rush Wiley to a vet.

Another benefit of living where I do is that all owners contribute to a Community Title fund so everyone has a say in how the place is run and cared for. I firmly believe in fostering community spirit so signed up to be on the inaugural Executive and Community Centre Committees.

I have enjoyed getting involved with issues affecting the development, how to live in harmony with the adjacent nature reserve and organising social events for residents. It has kept me busy during the year but has also been very rewarding. Wiley has spent many hours happily asleep under the table at meetings. I now keep a mat at the Community Centre for him so he is always nice and comfy.

Wednesday evening was our second AGM and I agreed to stand on both committees for another year. Looks like Wiley has some serious sleeping to do at more meetings next year 🙂

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