Wiley’s 6th Monthly Health Check

Today my Dad took me to the vet so Wiley could have his 6 monthly health check plus his kennel cough vaccine.

Guide Dogs are required to get a health check every six months just to make sure they are fit, well and able to do their job. At each check the vet will weigh, takes the temperature, listen to the heart rate, manipulate joints, check ears, skin, teeth and eyes and talk about weight, diet or anything other issues the handler may have with their dog.

Wiley passed his health exam with flying colours. He weighed in at around 26kg (sans harness). The vet commented on how lovely and shinny his coat is and that was great to see a trim, well muscled and fit labrador. He had a slow steady heart rate, his joints had great movement and flexibility and his eyes, ears and teeth were all in tip top shape. I was told to keep doing exactly what I am doing as it obviously works well for Wiley.

As it had been 12 months since his last kennel cough vaccine he needed a booster, which he got intranasal (up his nose). Needless to say he wasn’t too keen on that but he was his usual stoic self and the treat he got afterwards seemed to make everything better. He had a three yearly  5 in 1 vaccination last year so he isn’t due for that until 2015.

At the end of the appointment the vet filled in his health report book. It has carbon pages so I can keep a copy in the book and send off the original to the Guide Dog training centre. That way they know he is receiving his regular check ups plus they can monitor any health/weight issues.

Wiley doesn’t normally have any reaction to vaccines but I made his appointment in the morning of a day where Wiley and I could stay home for the rest of the afternoon. That way if he is a wee bit off colour he doesn’t need to work.

2 thoughts on “Wiley’s 6th Monthly Health Check

  1. Wow, Guinness IS a big boy – he is 31kg at 11 months of age! He looks good though, trim, with a beautiful coat. His only problem is that he pulls up lame from time to time. I’m told it is growing pains, something a number of his brothers & sisters have also. We just have to rest him for a few days. He is lame at the moment but it is a good time to be lame with the weather so hot – we can’t go out anyway. My supervisor is coming in about half an hour so I am looking forward to asking lots of questions, since we can’t go for our usual walk.

    • HI Sheena
      Sorry to hear that Guinness is lame at the moment. I have known other labs that have had growing pains – thankfully it always resolved itself.

      How did the visit with your supervisor go, did they answer all your questions?

      Guinness is a big boy. Wiley is quite tall but fine boned, I’d describe him as lean and lanky. The vet said he wouldn’t want him to get any lighter but as a working dog he is currently in very good condition.

      How is Guinness coping with the heat? I am using all Wiley’s cooling gear to keep him as comfortable as possible when he is working. But on really hot days (anything over 35 degrees) the best thing is for us to stay inside. I cancelled attending a Christmas picnic today as it is predicted to get to 37 degrees which is too hot to expect him to work.

      Have a lovely weekend.

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