Ant Invasion

It has been a reasonably quiet few days here. There hasn’t been anywhere I needed to go so Wiley has been enjoying some well deserved off duty time.

On Friday my friend and I took Wiley and her dog for a swim and a free run with some doggy pals. Wiley had the best time, he was zooming around, playing chases and fetch and generally being an exuberant, fun loving lab.

All I could hear was Wiley’s bell tinkling as he ran past so my friend gave me a commentary on everything he was doing – she said he had a smile a mile wide. It  makes me feel so good when I know he is having an absolute ball.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been all fun and games. A couple of days ago I went to the cupboard where I keep all Wiley’s food and treats. I put my hand on an open bag of treats and immediately felt something crawling all over my hand. It turned there were ants everywhere. I immediately started jumping around, shaking all my extremeties thinking I had ants all over me, in reality they were only on my hand and arm.

Once I calmed down and de-antified myself I got my cordless vacuum cleaner and tried to vacuum up as many ants as possible. I emptied the whole cupboard, not just the shelf with Wiley’s food. I called my parents who came over with some surface spray. With their help I got rid of all the ants and dad sprayed the cupboard to discouraged them from returning.

It was fortunate the ants only got into one packet of treats, which I threw out. All Wiley’s other food was either stored in tins, buckets or still sealed. Mum checked and bushed down the packets to make sure they were ant free before we returned them to the cupboard.

All I can say is thank goodness for my parents. I deal with most household situations by myself but I needed reinforcements for this one – after all I was rather outnumbered!

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