Goals for 2014

I love the anticipation of what a New Year will bring. It is exciting to think about all the fun and adventures Wiley and I will share this year.

In previous years rather than set resolutions I have focused on a word that is my theme for the year. Previous words I have adopted include mindfulness, balance and community. Last year my main goal was to make sure Wiley and I cemented our bond and had a successful year working together.

This year I have decided to mix things up and set a couple of goals.

Goal 1 – Run a Half Marathon Event

  • This will challenge my fitness as up to now the longest I have run is 7km.
  • It will also take me a long way out of my comfort zone as I will be running in an event with other people.

Goal 2 – Take a trip interstate 

  • Of all my goals this one will probably challenge me the most. Before I venture too far away from home I will undertake some orientation and mobility training in using a GPS. As difficult as it is going to be I know it will be great for Wiley and I to work together in a place that is completely unfamiliar.

Goal 3 – Be proactive in meeting new people – possibly even go on a date – if I’m asked 🙂

  • How one goes about dating when you can’t read body language I am not sure. Hopefully it will be fun trying to figure it out!

I will do my best to keep the blog updated with my progress.

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