Half Marathon Training

Thanks to one of my wonderful sighted guides (and training partners) I have found the event I want to run later in the year. It is the YMCA Half marathon on Sunday 25th May.

I thought this would be a good one to run as it is in late autumn when the temperatures are cooler. I found out on Sunday that running when it is warm is harder work.

Plus it gives me a decent amount of time to train but isn’t so far away that I lose motivation.

My fellow members at Achilles are very supportive. I have a couple of people who are happy to guide me on runs between the normal sessions.  Not only that they are working with me to put together a training program. This is just as well because Sunday’s 7km run just about killed me and that is only 1./3rd the distance of a half marathon!   It is evident that I am going to need to do a lot of  work to get across the finish line.

Wiley on the other hand had a lovely walk with a couple of his buddies. They attempted a jog but Wiley wasn’t too keen on that, he much prefers to walk.

Tomorrow we have a busy day. We are meeting up with my sister for a coffee in the morning and in the afternoon we have our annual follow up with a Guide Dog instructor. Hope it all goes well.


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