Wiley’s Follow Up

It has started to get quite warm here in Canberra and the temperatures are only expected to keep going up for the next week or so. I am sure Wiley’s cooling gear and perhaps even his shoes will get a lot of use over the coming days.

So far things have been manageable, we have been going out around 5:15 every morning so we can enjoy our recreational walk before it gets too hot. At home a couple of fans are keeping us comfortable. Next week when the temperatures get even hotter I will use the air conditioner and stay indoors as much as possible.

Fortunately we had a lovely day on Wednesday for our follow up with a Guide Dog instructor. I had plans to meet my sister for a coffee before hand. As we had plenty of time to kill we dropped into a couple of shops to find some techno gadget for one of my nephews. My sister commented on the fact Wiley was doing some really great work. I said just watch he won’t be nearly as good during the follow up assessment.

Thankfully everything went well although he was a little more distracted than normal as he knew we were being followed. The instructor was very happy with how we worked together and we passed with flying colours.

I then had a chat to the instructor and another Orientation and Mobility trainer about putting in a referral for a GPS unit. We decided that I would get familiarization training in two hand held devices as well as an APP for my iPhone. Then I can choose which one will work best for me. Being familiar with all the options will be very useful for when I am giving my talks. My first training session is on Wednesday. WIth GPS and half marathon training my calendar is already beginning to look rather full.

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