Coping with a heat wave and GPS training

It is hot, hot, hot outside and has been all week. Unfortunately the heat is set to hang around for another couple of days.

I have cut right back on Wiley’s work. We had to go the the first taxi talk of the year on Monday, but my dad very kindly drove us there and picked us up and as the training room is air-conditioned we kept nice and cool.

We have been heading out before 5AM to get a nice long bush walk in before the sun has a chance to get too high in the sky. One of the advantages of being proficient in using a long cane is that I can safely navigate the bush tracks even if it is dark.

On Tuesday we spent most of the day inside with the air-conditioner on. I had to take Wiley out for a couple of wee walks but we kept to grass and made them as short as possible. As an extra precaution I put his cooling collar on whenever we went outside

As a icy treat I have been putting greek yoghurt in Wiley’s kong and then freezing it. Not only does it help to keep him cool it also last longer than an unfrozen yoghurt filled kong.

Yesterday we had another early start but this time a friend took myself, Wiley and her dog out for a lovely off lead run and swim. Wiley had an absolute ball and was exhausted by the time we got back home.

Wiley had another easy day inside but I had my first session of my GPS training. The current device I am learning to use is called Trekker Breeze.  It is a nifty hand held device that will be incredibly useful, especially in unfamiliar areas. It isn’t too complicated to operate but it will take a little practice in figuring out all the functions. I am looking forward to some cooler days so I can get out and about and put it through its paces.

Today I have a dog wash booked in for Wiley, he will have his bath but we won’t worry too much about him being blow dried. I think he will enjoy being damp and cool.

I am very happy that my official half marathon training doesn’t start until next week, running in this weather would not be enjoyable at all. My training program has me running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a longer run on Sunday. I can switch out some of the Thursday sessions for rowing. Initially I am not running for to long but over the next few months it will steadily build up until I can hopefully cover the 21 odd kilometres I need to run on race day. That is starting to sound like a very long way!

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