A new personal distance record – 10km!!

Yesterday Wiley and I went along to the second Achilles training session of 2014. Thankfully a cool change come through late Saturday so the heat wasn’t too unbearable.

With the support of my wonderful guide I ran a personal distance record of 10km. Along with keeping me safe he helped me focus on sticking to a steady pace and getting into a rhythm. We stopped for some water at the half way point but other than that ran the whole way.

He also very kindly sent me through the splits of each kilometre. I have included them here as I am keen to see how the times/distances change during training – which officially starts next week!!

10km total distance, Overall time: 63 minutes 54 seconds

  • 1 km: 5 minutes 50 seconds
  • 2 km: 6 minutes 7 seconds
  • 3 km: 6 minutes 11 seconds
  • 4 km: 6 minutes 22 seconds
  • 5 km: 6 minutes 27 seconds
  • 6 km: 6 minutes 20 seconds
  • 7 km: 6 minutes 36 seconds
  • 8 km: 6 minutes 43 seconds
  • 9 km: 6 minutes 48 seconds
  • 10 km: 6 minutes 31 seconds

We ran past the walking group who had Wiley when we had about 200 meters to go so I took his lead and he ran the rest of the way with me. We both needed a drink of water when we finished.

One of the highlights of every training session is the social get together at the end where you hear how everyone else is going.

My legs were a little sore this morning but once I had spent some time on my rowing machine and came back from taking Wiley for a nice long walk with lots of hills they felt much better. I also have a yoga class to look forward to tonight.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one starting with a Taxi talk this afternoon.

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