Happy Australia Day and the week that was

Happy Australia Day. It is an absolutely perfect day for the myriad of activities that have been planned to celebrate the day here in Canberra. Wiley and I won’t be participating as I am dog sitting for my parents. They are hosting an Australia Day BBQ for their friends so I agreed to look after their wee dog as he isn’t happy when then are lots of strangers around. At the moment the boys are having a snooze in the sun out on the balcony together.

I started today with a wonderful run around Lake Burley Griffin. My awesome sighted guide picked me up and drove us to the lake. We had a 45 min run on the training calendar and managed to cover about 8km. It was a nice flat run, some parts I was familiar with some were new to me. I felt safe the whole run. I am beginning to feel subtle clues from my guide which means I am not so reliant on being told what is ahead of us, when the path curves etc.

As there are lots of things happening around the lake later today it was a little busy but not too crowded. Although we did have to navigate our way around some cannons that had been set up at the lakes edge.

So week 1 of training is officially completed. It looked like this – 20 mins easy run Tue, 30 min pace run on Wed, 20 min easy run Thursday, 45 min run today. The pace run was the hardest. I had to run at a reasonably easy pace for 10 minutes then do five sets of running fast for a minute, then back to slow for a minute, then run home. It just about killed me especially as most of the run home was up hill.

Each week will follow a similar pattern but times and hopefully speed will increase.

The week that was ….

Wiley and I had a great week. It has been reasonably cool so we were able to head out whenever we wanted. Monday was our regular taxi talk, for the first time the class were really interested in Guide Dogs and asked lots of questions about Wiley.

Monday evening I enjoyed a much needed yoga class to stretch out all my sore muscles. I learned a couple of new moves, it is much easier now I know most of the postures and movements by name.

Tuesday I had my second training session on how to use Trekker Breeze a talking hand held GPS navigation aid. In the afternoon I went grocery shopping as I was running low on fresh fruit and vegetables and sardines for Wiley.

Wednesday after doing my best to recover from the pace run I went into the city to catch up with my sister. Wiley’s work was faultless, he is such a good boy. I took my GPS unit as I wanted to practice using it. As I walked around it told me the various shops and other businesses that were close by.  It didn’t work if we were inside the Canberra centre as it couldn’t get a signal. Overall I was very impressed with how useful it is.

Thursday I had a couple of errands to run, the rest of the day was spent on domestic chores while Wiley enjoyed a large chewy treat.

Friday started with a gorgeous bush walk with my friend and her dog. It was a nice change to walk with someone else. All our other bush walks during the week it was just Wiley and I. Unfortunately one of them was rather sad as we came across an injured animal (I think it was a kangaroo). I called my friend and she rang the rangers to come and look after it, although I am pretty sure they would have put it down.

Friday afternoon a friend came to visit and we hit the shops for some recreational shopping. I didn’t buy anything as I am saving up for some new running shoes.

Yesterday I went to mum and dads to help out with some preparations for their BBQ today. Wiley had a great time wandering around their garden looking for any pieces of bread the birds might have missed.

Next week is also looking rather busy, longer runs and more GPS training plus a few outings to look forward to.

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