Trekker Breeze

Recently I have mentioned I am learning how to use a hand held GPS device. At the moment I am training with Trekker Breeze but I will also receive training in Mobile GO as well as an APP that can be downloaded to a i-phone. Once I am familiar with all options I will pick the one that works best for me.

I am keen to figure out how they all work as then I can talk with more authority about them in my presentations.

As with all orientation and mobility devices Trekker Breeze(TB) has strengths and weakness.

Some of the things I like about TB is how easy it is to use.At the touch of one button it can tell you where you are or what is around you (shops, businesses etc). You can program it to locate landmarks or follow a route. It does this by giving audio instructions. You can also identify a point along a route, for example where you might expect overhanging obstacles. It also has a handy feature of instructing you how to reverse your route.

If you are following directions it will tell you if you make a wrong turn by saying you are off route. You can then get it to re-orientate you to your destination.

You can use the device in pedestrian or vehicle mode, the latter is very useful if you are on a bus as it can help you to figure out when to get off.

I can program it to find an address before you leave home.  This will help me navigate to a destination I am unfamiliar with. I expect it will get a lot of use assisting me to find buildings where I am giving a talk.

One of the draw backs to using any GPS device is that they won’t work if they can’t locate a satellite. Apparently cloudy days can interfere with the unit receiving a signal. There have been a couple of occasions when it couldn’t receive a GPS signal.

Trekker Breeze can take some time to re-orientate itself if you change directions. There are a few design features which over time may be a little tiresome to work with.

Overall from my experiences so far I have to say  it is a fantastic device. Despite its limitations I have no doubt Trekker Breeze will improve my independence and make a future solo interstate trip possible.

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