Training update and the week that was

Canberra has just had another cycle of very hot weather. Thankfully today is much cooler – there has even been some very welcome rain.

Due to the heat it has been a quiet week for Wiley and I. All our errands and shopping were done as early as possible, I am so grateful supermarkets are open at 7AM.

Last week I had a couple of meetings to attend. They were held in air-conditioned rooms so Wiley was very happy to snooze while I chatted away.

The only talk on the calendar was the regular taxi one. Once again the students asked lots of questions so I went a little over time but the trainer didn’t seem to mind.

On Friday I had my last training session for Trekker Breeze, now I will spend a couple of weeks using it before I start training in mobile GO – another GPS device.

My half marathon training is going well. Last week I had four sessions. Two were easy runs on the treadmill.  I like treadmill running as I can listen to music while I run. There is something about a fast beat that makes the time fly by.

One session was a pace run with my wonderful trainer/sighted guide. We had a warm up run, then four sets of two minutes at a faster pace, followed by a cool down run at a slow pace. I find the pace training sessions hard work – I’m spent by the time we finish.

The fourth training session was a long/pace run. As it was scheduled for Sunday we joined everyone at Achilles training. Wiley loved this as he was able to walk with his buddies while I ran. On the plan was a 45 minute run, the first 25  minutes at an easy pace, faster for 10 minutes, with a 10 minute easy pace to finish. Although we started as early as possible it was still much hotter than I’m used to exercising in and I was surprised how much harder it was. I was counting down the minutes to the end.

I am very happy the actual half marathon isn’t until late May, not only does it give me plenty of time to train it should be nice and cool by then.

This week is looking reasonably busy, I think we have a couple of cooler days before it heats up again. Wiley and I will enjoy them while we can.

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