Training update and the week that was

It has been another week with some hot temperatures so once again it has been a reasonably quiet time for Wiley and I, hence no updates for the blog.

We have been doing our regular Monday taxi talks, but other than that there hasn’t been much demand for talks. Wiley and I have made a couple of trips into the city, always nice and early. I have had some lovely encounters with other bus passengers. I really like answering peoples questions about Wiley and what it is like to share amy life with such a special dog.

We worked with a couple of instructors to learn a new route on Friday as I wanted to be able to get from home to the Guide Dog office in Deakin. Wiley was a star easily picking up on this new destination. I am so thankful every day that I have Wiley and I lead an interesting and independent life.

Wiley has been enjoying some off leash runs with his doggy friends. My friend also took us down to a lake so he could have a swim. He is a typical lab in that he loves to retrieve in the water.

We are keeping up with our daily bush walks. The sun is rising later and later each day so more of our walk is in the dark. Not that Wiley seems to mind and it doesn’t bother me. We are home shortly after sunrise before it gets to warm.

Unfortunately my Trekker breeze is currently out of action. It was updated with new maps and since than it has been off line. I miss it as it is very reassuring accurately knowing my location at any time.

This evening I am going to a workshop about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The scheme is due to be implemented here in Canberra later this year so I am keen to figure out the implications for myself and other blind or vision impaired residents.

Training Update

My half Marathon training is picking up. Last week I did my pace training on Tuesday as that is when my guide was available. We ran for 40 minutes. I still struggle whenever i have to pick up the tempo, although thankfully the fast sections were only a minute long which was easier to sustain.

Wednesday and Thursday I did some treadmills runs, each week the time spent running increases by 5 or so minutes. Wednesday I ran for 35 minutes, about half was run at 6min/km and the other half at 5:45min/km. Thursday my legs were sore so I kept a steady 6min/km pace for the 35 minutes that were on my training plan.

My long runs are scheduled for Sunday’s. Last Sunday my guide and I switched it up and ran a hillier route on dirt tracks. I know the paths incredibly well which made it easier for both of us. We had 60 min on the agenda but decide to run 10km which took a little over an hour.

Yesterday i did a 40 minute treadmill run, once again split between 6min/km and 5:45min/km. Today I did a pace run on the treadmill as my trainer/guide is out of town. It was a hard workout. I ran 15 minutes at 6min/km. then I did five sets of 3 minutes at about 5:15min/km with 1 minute recovery at 7min/km in-between each fast pace. The last 15 or the 50 minutes I ran at 6min/km. By the time I finished I was exhausted and sweaty but felt great.

Looking ahead I am going to be spending quite a bit of time running – I will start to eat a few more nuts ( and maybe just a little more chocolate 🙂 ) to help make up the calories and protein my body will need.

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