A new PDR – 12.5km

I have just got back from this weeks long run. Wiley, my guide and I heeded out to join our Achilles friends. We had a 70 minute run on the agenda so instead of hanging around doing warm ups, I handed over Wiley to one of his dog walking pals and we headed off.

It was a very hard run. Yesterday we had some much needed rain but it made everything very humid this morning. I really struggled and needed to push myself harder than I have done in previous long runs. I was a little disheartened as I thought things should be getting easier not harder. It didn’t helping knowing the programme said I had to pick up the pace for the last 10 minutes.

Those last 10 minutes were awful. I felt a little nauseas but just kept going. Thankfully my wonderful guide/trainer kept me focused and encouraged me to give it all I had. I was so pleased when he said there was just 10 seconds to go.

At the end I was beyond thrilled to hear we had just covered 12.5km – a new PDR! I felt better about struggling as it was the fastest and longest I had ever run. I tried not to think that if I was running the half marathon I’d still have almost 9 km to go 🙂

Wiley was the only Guide Dog at training today. Despite the lack of canine company he had a lovely time with his human friends. He is now happily curled up in his dog bed having a nap.  I might load a new audio book onto my iPod and join him.

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