NDIS Community Conversation

Last Wednesday evening Wiley, my friend and I went out to Belconnen to attend an event about the incoming National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Canberra is becoming one of the trial locations on 1st July this year. I am keen to know how the new scheme will affect any future O&M training and equipment needs that I may have in the future.

There have been a couple of different sessions, called Community Conversations, each with a different emphasis. The one I attended was focusing on planning and setting life goals.

The evening started with an introduction and a couple of people sharing their stories. We had some lovely food while a short movie played. The movie had no audio description so I had very little idea of what it was all about.

After supper there was a short presentation on what NDIS will involve. The concept sounds great but I foresee some teething issues during implementation. My biggest concern is that Guide Dogs will be covered by the NDIS, I am also keen to see if further education may be funded in some way.

At the end of the presentation there was time for a few questions, I was happy to sit back and listen.

Then came the more interactive part of the evening. We were shown how to create a timeline goal. To identify things that we as individuals can do, what friends and family can contribute and funding needs that NDIS could provide to help us achieve those goals.

They had a very visual way to represent and record the goals which didn’t work for me. I suggested that in future they advise participants who are blind or vision impaired what the workshop component involves. That way they can choose not to participate or bring along accessible technology to write down their plan.

I had a bit of difficulty figuring out a goal as I am happy with my life just as it. After chatting with my friend and some other participants I thought that perhaps I could look at what is involved in becoming an advocate. A longer term goal would be to move to a single story 1 or 2 bedroom home with a small garden for Wiley.

Wiley behaved and worked beautifully all night, I got lots of lovely comments on what a special dog he is.

The highlight of the evening for me was meeting the other attendees. Overall I was pleased I made the effort to go along.

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