Another PDR and the week that was

My long run for the week was on Saturday, this time we ran around Lake Burley Griffin, from Questacon out to the Governor Generals House and back again. All up we ran 14.2km in our scheduled 80 minutes. I was exhausted by the time we got back but pleased to have notched up another PDR.

It was lovely running somewhere new, I rely on my Guide more in unfamiliar areas which is good practice. As we run more and more together the guiding is becoming more seamless. I am using subtle changes in the guides body position, the feeling of the tether and other non verbal clues to help me stay on track.

The route we ran also makes up some of the half marathon course. I am pleased we can practice before the actual day as it will hopefully make me more confident and I will deal with the large number of other runners a little better.

My other runs of the week were a pace run, which went ok but my knees have been a little sore so I didn’t quite make it to the end of the last fast section. Still I was more consistent with my times for the pace sections which is an improvement. I also had a couple of treadmill runs, I have added a couple of extra songs to my running playlist as the treadmill runs get longer and longer.

The week that was

Highlights of the week include meeting up with someone who is currently on the waiting list for a Dog. We had a long chat about all things Guide Dog. I am so excited for them as I know it will change their life and the way they move around their environment.

I also caught up with some friends for lunch and had a coupel of meetings related to the community committees I am on. There was the usual taxi talk, shopping etc but I avoided the city as a fire closed the City Interchange and I didn’t want to confuse Wiley by catching buses in a strange location. Thankfully everything is back to normal now.

This week I have a bus talk to look forward to and Wiley and I are going to find a new location. I need to get a new pair of running shoes as I have been told me knee pain is probably due to incorrectly fitting shoes. I know there is an Athletes Foot somewhere in the Canberra Centre – I’m confident together Wiley and I can track it down. I think I might also splurge on some decent running socks as I have been getting blisters after my long runs.

I am also happy to be getting back my Trekker Breeze later today., The technical issues have been resolved so fingers crossed I will be back in action soon.

Wiley has been enjoying our morning bush walks as the temperatures have dropped, in fact some morning have been quite chilly. We are coming into my favourite season, I am looking forward to lots of autumn walks in the not too distant future.

I also gave Wiley a new toy, naturally it has become his favourite. I love how happy he is when there is something new to play with.

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