Sore knees, new shoes and another PDR

Wiley and I have had a busy week, we spent most of last week at my parents looking after their house and dog while they were away. I enjoyed having somewhere different to walk and it was lovely having a garden for Wiley to play in. Although it was fun I was happy to get back home and it being only Wiley and I.

The bus talk on Friday went well, it was a reasonably small class, the students had lots of questions and seemed interested in what I was saying. At the end of the class I took Wiley’s harness of so he could say hello to the trainers and trainees.

After the talk Wiley and I found our way to the Athletes Foot in the Canberra Centre. A friend told me it was near JB HIFi which is a store Wiley can locate as a destination. Once we got there we back tracked for a few shops back and thankfully found the right store.

I wanted a new pair of shoes as I have been having some knee pain, especially after my long runs. Everyone I spoke to said it was likely due ti ill fitting shoes. I was measured and assessed by a lovely shop assistant. He bought out three different shoes for me to try on. After taking several laps around the shop I choose a pair that felt secure and comfortable. Wiley was  a star happily guiding me lap after lap, although I suspect he wondered why we kept going round and around.

As well as new shoes a friend bought me some special running socks as I had complained I was getting blisters.

I took both the shoes and socks out for the first time Saturday morning. My guide and I had a 90 minute run on the schedule. We ran from the oval near Dickson College, through Lyneham, Turner and the City across the pedestrian bridge down to Lake Ginnederra and back again. By the time we got back to the car we had run 16.7 km. I think the shoes and socks made a difference as it was the longest and fastest run to date. Also there were no blisters and less knee pain – what a relief.

When I got back home I took Wiley out for a bush walk, it was nice to stretch the legs and going for a long walk seemed to help with the stiffness that happens if I just sit down after a run. Wiley enjoyed it as I was happy to walk a little slower than normal so there was plenty of time for sniffing.

Because of my sore knees I only ran twice during the week and I didn’t do the full pace run. I filled in with extra rowing sessions.

This morning Wiley and I headed off to Achilles. I decided to walk Wiley myself as today is a rest day so I didn’t want to run. It was great to leave behind my long cane and enjoy the walk with a sighted guide. It made for an interesting, relaxing and overall a delightful walk.

Looking ahead to next week the calendar is rather full with something on everyday. Along with appointments, meetings and talks I have to find lots of time to train as all my runs are now around an hour or longer. My trainer/guide isn’t available this week so the treadmill will be getting quite a workout .

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