A training hiccup and working in the rain

My half-marathon training has hit a bit of a snag – my treadmill broke! This is very bad timing as my trainer/guide is out of town at the moment. That means no running for me for at least a week. Thank goodness we are working off an 18 week training plan so I have time to catch up on missed sessions.

I called the store where i purchased the treadmill, they can send someone out to look at it but not until next Thursday. It is under warranty so I shouldn’t have to pay anything to get it repaired.  I just hope whatever is wrong can be fixed during their call out, otherwise who knows when I will be back in action.

Looking on the bright side at least I got most of my 70 minute run completed this morning. Plus my legs and knees can have some recovery time as they have been a wee bit stiff and sore.

Wiley and I have had a busy few days. Yesterday we seemed to be on and off buses all day long. We got caught out in the rain several times, I eventually decided to buy a raincoat as I was tired of being wet. I bought one long enough so that it could protect Wiley as well. My sister said he looked very cute peeking out while we were waiting for the bus.

Wiley works well in the rain, his guiding yesterday was spot on, but for some reason he hates tolieting when it is wet. Normally he is very good at going whenever I give him an opportunity (even if he has to squeeze out a few drops) but if it is raining he will wait until he really needs to go. I just chalk it up to another one of his little quirky habits 🙂

Unlike Wiley my Trekker Breeze wasn’t keen on working in the rain. It kept saying there was no GPS coverage. Apparently this can happen when there is a lot of cloud cover. It wasn’t an issue as we were in familiar surroundings, the only reason I had it with me was so I could practice using it. All mobility aids have their limitations and this seems to be one of Trekker Breezes.

Tomorrow is another busy day, I am still working on a talk I am giving in the morning. I might have to skip yoga tonight so I can get it finished.

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