The Week that was

Wiley and I have had a lovely week. Plenty of bush walks, a week off from talks, special birthday celebrations, partying, catching up with friends and some much needed treadmill workouts.

The bush walks have remained challenging as now nearly all our regularly used paths have been graded. I am wondering if it is because they make up part of the Centennial Trail. I have done some of the walks with sighted friends, thankfully with their help navigating them is getting easier.

It was my Brother In Laws birthday during the week. We had a quick family get together on the night of his birthday but the major celebrations were saved for last nights party. I wanted to help out my sister so offered to make some sweet treats including caramel popcorn, honeycomb and fudge. They all turned out OK although I managed to spread sugary stickiness from one end of my kitchen to the other. I did my best to clean it up to discourage ants from paying me another visit.

I knew the party was going to be very crowded and noisy so I decided Wiley would be happier at home. It also meant I could go into the kitchen to help my sister with any last minute tasks. I had a lovely time chatting to various people but didn’t end up staying long. I wanted to get home to Wiley and I found it difficult to cope with all the noise once a couple of hundred party guest arrived.

Even though I didn’t stay long I was very happy that I engaged in conversations with lots of different people. After losing the ability to read body language I have struggled talking to people is social settings like parties. It has taken lots of practice for me to become more comfortable striking up and participating in conversations. I never have any problems chatting to people before or after my talks but parties and non working social situations are hard for me. Last night has gone a long way to re-building my confidence.

It was a public holiday on Monday which meant no Taxi Talk. I took the opportunity to catch up with some friends. I also made plans to catch up with another friend on Tuesday but unfortunately they weren’t able to make it. As I was already in the city I decided I might as well get my haircut. Wiley did some really good work, finding the hairdressers with ease.

My half marathon training has started to get back on track. My treadmill was fixed on Thursday so I was able to enjoy a quick run Thursday afternoon, then a longer run on Friday. This morning I pounded out 110 minutes – despite listening to music it got a little boring. I kept it at a slower pace as any faster and my knees began to hurt. I was very happy when my phone alarm indicated I was finished. For a warm down I took Wiley for a long slow walk, he was delighted to have lots of sniffing opportunities. I am very happy that my guide/trainer will be back next week so we can get back into guided training runs.

Last week the Canberra Guide Dog Office Manager and I were interviewed by the Canberra Chronicle, about the NDIS information night Guide Dogs are hosting on Wednesday evening.  A photographer came round to take some photos of myself, Wiley and my Trekker Breeze unit. The article came out this week, here is a link to the story and photo

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one with a Taxi and Bus talk plus the NDIS information night.

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