Training update and the week that was

What a week, it has been really busy with something on everyday.  Wiley and I are both looking forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon – although I still need to write a speech for a talk I am giving to some Year 9’ students next week.

The highlights included a large taxi talk class, a bus talk, coffee and lunch with friends and my sister, a three year olds birthday party, working out a new route for Wiley and I to learn and an NDIS information night.

The most challenging event was attending the party. Lots of young excited children who are a little too young to know not to pat or distract Wiley. Not to mention plenty of tasty food, some of which came very close to Wiley’s mouth thanks to the kindness or clumsiness of little hands.

Overall I thought Wiley did a good job, there were balls flying everywhere, screams, laughter and popping balloons – he laid quietly throughout it all. The food proved to be a little more tempting. Although he ignored food on the ground he was very naughty and gently took some sausage that a little girl tried to feed him. I was expecting this might happen so as soon as I knew the sausages had been served I kept Wiley on a very short lead. As soon as his head move forwarded even slightly I immediately stuck my hand in his mouth and removed his ill gotten treat. I didn’t want him to be rewarded for doing the wrong thing. That was the only near miss as I explained what had happened to a friend who then stood close by to run interference.

I thought about leaving Wiley at home but as the party was being held outside at a park I thought there would be enough room for Wiley and I to escape if we needed to, not to mention the birthday boy really wanted him to be there.

The NDIS information evening was very interesting, I plan on put my thoughts in a separate post as there is a lot to cover.

Training Update

Happy days – my trainer/guide is back. We met up on Wednesday for a pace run. As my knees are still sore we decided to not push it too hard and do a little hill work instead. We covered about 12.5km in the allocated 75 minutes. I also did two runs on treadmill. A 60 minute one as scheduled on Tuesday but I postponed the second 55 minute run from Thursday to Friday morning. When I woke up Thursday morning my knees were really sore so I decided a rest day was a more sensible option than running.

Today was meant to be a 90 minute pace run. The plan was to try and sustain a 11km/hr pace the whole time.  Unfortunately after about 4km my knees and ankles were already sore so we slowed it down. We ended up covering almost 15km which worked out to be a little over 10km/hr. So unfortunately no PDR today.

It was an early run, with a 5AM start. We ran around the central and some of the west basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t until the end of the run when we came across other runners/walkers or cyclists. Most of the run was done well before sunrise, I love running in the dark but I think it is more challenging for my guide.

I had better get onto writing my talk, I need at least a day or two to memorize it.

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