Training Update and the week that was

The season has definitely switched to autumn, it is my favourite time of year. I love the cold nights and crisp early mornings. Our walks have been glorious and the training runs are more enjoyable when it isn’t hot or humid.

Unfortunately Autumn often means rain and we have had more than a few wet days. Wiley isn’t keen on wearing his coat so I have had a rather wet dog to deal with on more than one occasion. Thankfully he thinks being toweled dry is good fun, he runs into the garage and prances as I give him the once over.

Last week was a busy one socially but not much happening as far as talks.The highlight for me was meeting up with a soon to be first time Guide Dog handler. It takes me back to when I was waiting to be matched with my first dog. So much anticipation, excitement but a little bit of anxiety and trepidation as well. I simply can’t wait until I get to meet the new dog, Wiley will also be thrilled to have a new canine friend.

I have also started training using a different talking GPS, this one is called Mobile Geo. I still have quite a lot to learn as far as figuring out everything it can do but so far I prefer it to Trekker Breeze. I particularly like the fact it gives directions using the clock face system. I am looking forward to putting it through its pace when I go someone unfamiliar.

Training Update

Training is going reasonably well, last weeks long run was the hardest to date. We ran for 2 hours, only managed to cover the same distance as last weeks 1 hour 50 minutes but as it was a very hilly bush run I was happy with the near 18 km we covered. I have never been so happy to finish a run.

My knees have been hurting a lot, in fact the pain kept me awake for a couple of nights. My trainer/guide and I decided that it might be best to have a few days rest from running so for the last few days I have gone back to using my rower. As things are feeling a bit better I might do an easy run on the treadmill tomorrow.

Sunday’s scheduled run is for 130 minutes. This is the longest run of the whole program, once that is over things will start to ease off as the program transitions into taper mode.

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