Training Update – things are not looking good

Disappointingly my training is currently on hold. On Sunday’s long run I developed some strong pain in my right knee. Every time my foot struck the ground pain radiated through my leg. I also had quite a bit of discomfort in my left achilies tendon.

I cut the run short at around 14km – we had 130 minutes on the schedule so were hoping to run  a little over 21km. Up until the 12km mark everything was going well. We ran the first 10km in about 56 minutes, equal to our previous fastest pace.

As my knee pain had been ongoing and was limiting my progress my guide and I decided it was time I went to see someone about it. So yesterday I called a sports physiotherapy clinic at Dickson. Fortunately they could fit me in at 1:20 that afternoon.

I explained to the receptionist that I was vision impaired so she gave me some very specific directions on how to find the place. Luckily it was less than 100m from the bus stop – Wiley got me there with no trouble.

I had never been to a physio before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a long appointment booked as they needed to get my full history. I actually quite enjoyed myself, being prodded and pulled this way and that felt quite nice.

To cut a long story short my pain is muscular apart from my achilles tendon which is inflamed. It seems that on longer my runs when my body is fatigued (pretty much every time I run over 10km) my alignment and stability goes out the window. This translates into muscle pain. To fix the problem I need to strengthen my core and gluts and do lots of stretching.

The physio’s advice is to cut down my running to twice a week for no more than 10km each run. Hopefully this can increase once I have strengthened all the bits that need it. I have been given some exercises and stretches to do a couple of times a day. She is also happy for me to row on the days I don’t run and bush walk with Wiley everyday..

Her recommendation is that at this stage I don’t enter the half marathon in May. A short term sacrifice to ensure a long running future. I told her my number one priority is to stay fit and pain free so I can continue to take my beautiful boy on long, hilly walks.

I have a another appointment next week. Part of me is holding onto the slim hope that I can still run the race in May but I expect it may be a longer term goal than first expected. My biggest disappointment is that I am letting down my guide and trainer. He has worked so hard to get me across the finish line.

Wiley was a good boy throughout the appointment. He got up briefly to check on me as I was laying on the table but other than that he stayed lying down waiting for me to finish. The receptionist and physio both loved him although they were very good and didn’t try to pat him.

I did my exercises and stretches when I got home and again this morning. They hurt but felt good – hopefully I am already on the road to recovery.

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