The week that was

I won’t lie I have been feeling a little flat. I am really disappointed that my half marathon training is on hiatus. I also miss the endorphin hit and sense of achievement when I reach a personal distance or time record. At least I have my trusty rower to help keep me fit and I have found walking at 6km/hr on the highest incline on my treadmill gives me a sweaty calorie burning workout.

The weather has been sensational, the dreary wet days have been replaced by glorious sunny ones. Wiley and I have been walking a little more than normal to take advantage of these perfect autumn days.

It has been a reasonably quiet week, my taxi talk was unexpectedly cancelled which worked out well as I was able to make a physio appointment instead.

On Wednesday I had another training session with my Mobile GEO device. The more I use it the more I love it. There is a couple of weeks before my next session which gives me lots of time to practice what I have learned so far. I am pretty confident that by using mobile GEO and Wiley I will be able to take a solo trip to Sydney later in the year. I am saving up so I can stay at a nice hotel and take myself out for a couple of lovely meals. Mobile GEO has a great feature where you can find out points of interest around you, including banks, ATM’s, restaurants ad cafes. That will come in very handy in places I don’t know like Sydney.

I spent a couple of days at my parents as mum hasn’t been too well and I wanted to provide a little TLC. As usual Wiley enjoyed having a garden to potter in, he also loved having Dad around as he spoils him.

I don’t have much in the way of plans for the Easter weekend. Buses are rather infrequent on public holidays and weekends so Wiley and I don’t get out as much as we do on weekdays.

I plan to go to Achillies training on Sunday, but will probably enjoy a walk rather than run. I also hope to explore some new bush trails with the assistance of a sighted friend.

Another weekend project is to find a way to secure a recently purchased action video camera to Wiley’s harness so I can upload some footage of Wiley and I working tougher.

I’d like to set up a big Easter hunt for Wiley, (with dog treats not chocolate which is toxic for dogs), but I don’t want to encourage him to scavenge for food. Instead I have bought him some special treats and a new treat dispensing toy which I am sure he will enjoy figuring out.

3 thoughts on “The week that was

    • I hope you had a lovely Easter. The camera is proving a little difficult to attach securely. I have a friend coming over to give me a hand later in the week. It will be interesting to see what it records while Wiley and I are working together.

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