My second physio visit

Yesterday Wiley and I headed to Dickson for my second physio appointment. Although both my knee and Achilles are feeling better they are still sore.

The bus we caught got us there a little early so I decided to drop into Woolworths to pick up some fresh veggies. Wiley was very good taking me straight to the fruit and veggie section. I got some help to find the things I was looking for then asked Wiley to find the checkout. On the way out he got a little distracted and sniffed at the floor. I had to remind him to focus on his job.  Other than that he did really well.

Once we left the supermarket I asked Wiley to ‘find the physio’. It was quite challenging as we’d only been there once before and this time we were walking to it from a different direction. I knew we were getting close but when Wiley indicated we should turn left I thought it was too early so I told him to keep going straight ahead. He then took me to an open door but when I asked if we were at the physio I was told we had arrived at a pathology lab. A lovely lady took me to the physio -it was exactly where Wiley indicated we should have turned. When will I learn to not second guess my dog – Wiley-1, Jo -0 🙂

My appointment lasted for quite a while, I was shown a couple more exercises to add to the ones I am already been doing. I also got some deep tissue massage to release some tension and my knee has been taped. I am allowed to run but need to take two days off between each run. I can row on my non running days. I have to stop the run if the pain level gets up to a 4 or 5 out of 10 and my limit is still 1hr/10km. I am going back again next week. After that appointment I will make the decision if I should attempt the half marathon in May or not.

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