This and That

Guide Dog Awareness Week

This week is Guide Dog Awareness week. I am hoping there will be plenty of media coverage about the new ‘Take the Lead’ campaign. This will spread the message to lots of dog owners about the importance of keeping their dogs on lead, under control and out of the way of a working Guide Dog.

Ants in my pants – literally

I recently learned a valuable lesson. If on our bush walk Wiley wants to stop and have a long sniff at a tree/fallen log/blade of grass make sure I don’t stand and wait for him on an ants nest 🙂

I didn’t realise what I was doing until I had ants crawling up my trouser leg. I had yoga pants on so they were easy to roll up and I managed to brush off most of the little critters. It wasn’t until five or so minutes later that I felt a couple of ants much further up my leg, close to my inner thigh. One bit me which stung a little.

I couldn’t reach them by rolling up my pants legs and I wasn’t keen on pulling my pants down as I had no idea if anyone else was on the path, I couldn’t hear any footsteps or people talking but that didn’t mean someone wasn’t close enough to see me.

I ended up pulling the fabric away from my legs and doing a little shake/jig to try and dislodge them. I am sure Wiley wondered what on earth I was doing.  It must have worked as I didn’t get any more bites and I no longer felt linsect legs crawling over me. Despite ridding myself of the little hitchhikers I was very keen to get home and have a long hot cleansing shower.

I’m running again

It feels so good to be able to work up a sweat by running again. At the moment I am sticking to treadmill runs. The phsyio said on guided outside runs there is a risk of misstepping or twisting my knees and ankles which isn’t ideal as I am trying to recover from injuries not get more.

I am up to running for around 1 hour which is my current limit. The good news is the pain when running is manageable and I am not nearly as sore after a run as I used to be. I haven’t quite given up hope of completing the half marathon in May.

Harness Cam Update

I have spent quite a bit of time playing with my action video camera. I wanted to attach it to Wiley’s harness to give a dogs eye view of a Guide Dogs life. Unfortunately even after enlisting assistance from sighted friends I couldn’t get it to work properly. I’ve now come to the conclusion that technical and operational difficulties mean the current camera I have isn’t suitable as a harness cam.  I have ordered a new camera which should be here in a week or so. Fingers crossed it will work better than the current one.

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