A busy couple of days

Wiley and I have had a busy couple of days, Guide Dog Awareness week is always rather full on.

On Tuesday we were photographed and interviewed for an article in the Canberra Times. They wanted it to come out in Wednesday’s paper to coincide with International Guide Dog Day. The focus was on the ‘Take the Lead’ campaign. Here is a link to the article: Canberra Times Article

Wednesday ended up being quite frantic. I got a call at 8AM asking if I could  do a live radio interview in the ABC studio at 9AM. Wiley and I didn’t have much time to get ourselves organised.  I was very fortunate that a friend of mine was able to drop everything and give me a lift – thanks Jean 🙂

Happily I wasn’t on my own, Canberra’s Guide Dog regional manager Beth was able to phone in to the studio. t think the interview went well, Genevieve the interviewer was lovely and helped up to get the key message about keeping pet dogs on lead across to the audience.

I was picked up from  the studio by Beth, we had enough time for a quick cuppa and brainstorming session before we headed off to our next appointment at the Early Learning Centre at Girls Grammar. We got lots of attention at the coffee shop as we not only had Wiley but also Mitchell a retired Guide Dog who is on call for PR duties.

As the talk was to younger children we thought having two dogs would be the best way to show the children what they should do if they are walking their pet dog and meet someone with a Guide Dog. We also made sure they understood they should never pat or distract a Guide Dog in harness and they can expect to see Guide Dogs in places other dogs can’t go. I love doing these talks as the children always ask great questions.

The media were invited to attend the talk and WIN news sent out a cameraman. They got some footage during the talk and also did a quick interview and some more filming after we finished. It aired on the local news Wednesday evening.

Wiley and I then had a couple of hours break at home. Mitchell joined us so he could chill out and play with Wiley while we waited to be collected by Beth for our last appointment of the day at the 2CC radio station.

It was my first visit to the 2CC studio, it was a fun interview, Marcus and Eddie our generous hosts loved Wiley. I took his harness off so they could have a pat. Here is a link to the podcast of the interview. 2CC Radio Interview

By the time we got back home Wiley and I were exhausted, it was an incredibly  fun day but we aren’t used to having to fit quite so much into just one day.

3 thoughts on “A busy couple of days

    • I don’t think we will be seen on a red carpet anytime soon 🙂 I was happy as different media opportunities means more people hear the message.
      Thanks again for reposting the Taking the lead blog entry, I had more visitors than I have ever had before.

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