A lovely Sunday

Wiley and I had a lovely day yesterday. It started with us meeting the Achilles crew for a run/walk at the rather chilly time of 8AM. Unfortunately my knee didn’t hold up to the planned 10km, so I ended up walking/running a 7km course. Regardless it was wonderful running outside and catching up with my wonderful sighted guide.

Wiley was a very happy boy as he got to walk with his two favourite humans and his Guide Dog friend, another beautiful black lab. The walk wasn’t quite as long as his normal bush walk so I topped it up with another short walk when we got home.

After everyone got back from their respective walks/run we sang Happy Birthday to ourselves. Yesterday was 1 year since the inaugural training session of the Canberra chapter of the Achilles group. Membership has been growing slowly but steadily since the first run with only six people. To help us celebrate there was chocolate cake – everything is special when there is cake 🙂 To any of my fellow Achilles members that may read this – many thanks for all the wonderful walks and runs we have shared.

The afternoon was spent catching up on domestic chores. Then it was time to  get ready for a special dinner to celebrate my beautiful nieces 13th birthday. We had reservations for Jamie’s restaurant in the city. When my sister made the booking she informed them a Guide Dog would accompany one of the guests. I am rarely denied access to any public place including restaurants but for special occassions I like to give advance notice, so if there is an issue it can be resolved before we turn up. Last night we were given a great table where Wiley could lie comfortably out of the way. I was also delighted that none of the staff tried to talk to or pat Wiley, he was welcomed but ignored – perfect!

It was a lovely dinner, the food was delicious and the company wonderful. Wiley was a very good boy, although I think he wondered why we were out so late at night – well past our usual bedtime. We certainly slept well when we got home.

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