Retirement and Lifestyle Expo

For the last three days Wiley and I have had a wonderful time hanging out at the 2014 Canberra Retirement and Lifestyle Expo.

I got to speak to lots of lovely people, many of whom are Guide Dog supporters. It is great to have an opportunity to thank them personally for their donations or bequests. I also met lots of other stall holders, all of whom were very friendly and happy to have a chat.

There were lots of questions about Wiley which I was more than happy to answer. Wiley for his part was a great PR dog. In harness he laid quietly, when I took him out of harness he happily greeted and wooed people with his effervescent lab personality.

We gave three talks, one each day. Unfortunately the audience numbers weren’t large but that meant we could have a more intimate chat with the people that were there.

Hanging around my Guide Dog colleagues who were also helping out at the stall was so much fun. Such a great group of people. Much to Wiley’s delight he also had a canine pal. The wonderful Ambassador dog Andy was a hard working lad, bravely accepting all the pats people could offer.

Wiley and I came home each day exhausted but it was a very rewarding way to spend a weekend. I am particularly grateful I had something to keep my mind off the fact that today was the half marathon I have been training for.

At my last physio visit on Wednesday I was told no outside running for at least another fortnight. Today’s half was not meant to be but I have no doubt there will be another one to conquer once my knee is fully recovered.

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