The week that was

Radio Interview

The week began with a radio interview at 1RPH for Achilles Canberra. Actually it turned out not to be an interview rather a 15 minute chat between myself and my awesome guide who had kindly agreed to attend the interview with me. I enjoyed chatting about the club and hope we managed to encourage other people to join us for a walk or run. The segment was pre recorded and was put on air yesterday. I didn’t tune in as I don’t like listening to myself speak.


I had two talks this week. The usual Taxi one and one at an after school care program. Both went well. Wiley was most certainly the star at the school talk. At the end I took Wiley’s harness off so he could be patted. There was a long queue as everyone lined up waiting for their turn. It always amazes me how patient he is.

GPS Training

Wednesday I had another session learning how to get the most out of my Mobile GEO device. It turns out you can put it into virtual mode and explore areas without even going there. That feature will be very helpful when I plan my interstate trip later in the year.

Control and Choice Expo

Thursday Wiley and I headed back to the Exhibition Centre, this time to help Guide Dogs NSW/ACT out at the Control and Choice Expo.

The NDIS trial will start in Canberra in a couple of weeks. The Control and Choice expo was a great opportunity for people with disabilities to meet and talk to a wide range of service providers.

I chatted to lots of people, some who had disabilities and their families as well as staff from the other stalls. It was a really rewarding and interesting event.

I was particularly  impressed with the large number of people who commented they knew not to pat a Guide Dog in harness as they are working. I took Wiley’s harness off for some of the time so he could stretch and say hello to some of his many admirers.

Social Meet Up

Yesterday Wiley and I headed over to Belconnen Mall. My reason for going was to meet up with a friend who is getting their first Guide Dog next week. There were a few bits and bobs I wanted to give them. Getting your first Guide Dog is a very exciting and nerve wracking time. They have quite the adventure ahead of them.

On the way to Belconnen I had to swap buses at the city interchange, this involved crossing a busy road. It is always a difficult road to get across but yesterday it was overwhelmingly chaotic. Thankfully one of the bus staff approached me and offered to help. I dropped Wiley harness handle and took the gentleman’s elbow,. As we were crossing he explained that there were police cars everywhere as the police were looking for someone. It was a relief to finally get on my bus.

I rarely go to Belconnen Mall, in fact I don’t think I have ever stepped inside without sighted assistance. The place I was meeting my friend was close to the entrance and I had good directions so I was very confident Wiley and I could find our way there safely.

The meet up was lovely, we chatted about the impending new addition but lots of other things as well. I also enjoyed one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had.

Running Update

I didn’t have a physio appointment this week, which is just as well as I would have been hard pressed to fit it in. At the moment I am still not running outside, but I am pleased to report my knee is beginning to feel much better.

Overall it was another hectic and interesting week, can’t wait to see what next week holds.

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