The week that was

Wiley and I have enjoyed another busy week. We did have one full rest day which was lovely – lots of Jo and Wiley cuddle time.


I had three speeches this week. The usual Taxi one, a school talk to a group of children in grades Kindy to year two and a Basic Bus Driver Training talk. I really enjoy training people but there is something special about giving school talks.

The children love our guiding demonstration and hearing how Wiley and I work together. They often applause when he takes me back to my chair when I ask him to ‘find a seat’. They have such great questions and listen so earnestly when I tell them why they shouldn’t pat or distract a Guide Dog when he is wearing his harness.

Party Time

The week wasn’t all work. Wiley and I enjoyed a wonderful family dinner at my nieces, lunch with a friend and coffee with my sister. Apart from sniffing one post Wiley’s guiding work was spot on. He really is a gem.


I am still not doing any outside running, I have been pounding out a few kilometers on my treadmill. My knees are still sore and achy so I don’t know when I will get back to full time half marathon training.

Harness Cam Update

For the last several weeks myself and my very patient friend have been trying to figure out a way to attach the GOPRO camera to Wiley’s harness. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it work at least not without making the harness uncomfortable for Wiley to wear.

So I’ve decided I am going to wear the camera and try to angle it so it captures Wiley at work. I did a trial run on one of our recreational walks. I have no idea what the footage looks like but here are a couple of short clips.


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