Wiley’s torn toenail

Wiley and I have had quite an adventure this week. For the first time we went away and stayed in a motel. There is lots to share which I will do over a couple of entries but one of the more memorable events was an unexpected vet visit.

On Wednesday evening whilst relaxing after a busy day at the motel I heard Wiley constantly licking his paw. I was worried he had a tick so felt around his paw only to discover his middle toenail was broken. It was obviously very sore when I touched it as he pulled his foot away.

He wasn’t limping and stopped licking when I told him so I decided to deal with it in the morning.  After breakfast the instructor I was traveling with had a look and confirmed it was badly split so we decide a vet visit was the safest option.

The local vet kindly fitted us in. Wiley was very stoic and let her manipulate the nail during his examination. She cut the torn nail, prescribed antibiotics and gave me a bitter wound spray to discourage him from licking. She advised I take him to my vet next week for a follow up exam.

Much to Wiley’s delight I was told he could afford to put on a kilo or two. I have increased his evening dry food ration by half a cup and put a little more food into his daily treat pouch.

Since the vet visit Wiley has been fine, no limping and not much licking. Touch wood his recovery will continue to go well.

2 thoughts on “Wiley’s torn toenail

    • Wiley is very happy with his additional rations 🙂 Thankfully his toenail doesn’t seem to be giving him any problems. we have a vet appointment tomorrow for a six monthly health check up so they can take a look then. Have a lovely week.

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