A trip to the beach

Last week Wiley and I had the opportunity to visit the beach during an overnight trip. I was so excited – it had been years since I walked along a beach, not to mention it was a great opportunity to test my Mobile GEO skills and give Wiley the chance to work in a brand new area. There were also a couple of vision impaired friends that I wanted to catch up with.

It was a fabulous but exhausting trip. It always surprises me how much harder and tiring it is being somewhere new where I have no visual memories. Even finding my way around the motel room was challenging.

The trip reinforced just how wonderful Wiley is –  I can totally trust and rely on his guiding skills. It was also so empowering being able to independently and safely get around a completely unfamiliar location. Just 12 or so months ago I didn’t think I would ever be able to go away without family or friends to accompany me.

Listening to the ocean and enjoying the salty aroma of the beach was another highlight. Wiley loved being able to explore a new area. I hope to go back again soon.

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