Mobile GEO my talking GPS – the Test

One of the main reasons I went to the coast was to test my Mobile GEO skills in a completely unfamiliar area. It was also a trial run for my solo trip to Sydney later in the year. If on this trip I ran into difficulties I had an instructor not too far away to get me out of trouble.

I successfully used most of Mobile GEO’s features. Here are some of the things I did :

  • virtually explore the area before I even arrived. By putting in the address of my motel and then doing a search of points of interest in the area I was able to listen to the route I would need to take to get to McDonalds where I had arranged to meet a friend.
  • record a route as I walked so I could walk it again – a great feature for planning recreational walks with Wiley
  • locate an audio crossing so I could safely cross the main street
  • listen to directions on how to find a destination
  • identify and then locate the walkway onto and off the beach
  • record any location I might want to find again – motel, vet, bus stop, rubbish bin etc

I was very happy with how everything went. To travel independently in a strange area was so empowering. With Mobile GEO as an orientation aid and Wiley as a mobility aid I now feel confident going anywhere without sighted assistance. I say bring on the Sydney trip 🙂 .

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