Wiley’s 6 month health check

Yesterday Wiley and I headed off to our local vet for his 6 monthly health check and follow up examination of his torn toenail. I am very happy to report that he got a clean bill of health.

The vet examined his eyes, ears, teeth, joints, temperature, heart and lungs and everything was great. He weighed in at 25.5kg – the vet was happy with his weight but agreed an extra kilo wouldn’t do him any harm. So much to his relief Wiley’s increased rations will continue for a little longer.

She also checked and trimmed a little off his sore toenail. They said everything looked great. The nail bed was intact so a new nail should grow in just fine. She said it might need to be trimmed/filed so it grows straight. My friend and his groomer have offered to keep a close eye on it for me.

Although I wasn’t expecting any health issues to be detected it is always a relief to hear Wiley is in tip top condition.

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