Wonderful winter walks and the week that was

I absolutely love walking when the air is crisp and its freezing cold. Wiley has more pep in his step and I feel so cozy wearing gloves and a beanie. I think the coldest it has been so far is about minus three. That might get lower in the coming weeks.

Other than walking Wiley and I have kept ourselves entertained with talks, coffee catch ups and escalator practice. The escalator work is going really well. We have gone on lots of different types in different locations. One day we headed out just to find an escalator we hadn’t been on before.There has never been any hesitation or problems. I am pretty sure Wiley thinks they are a giant treat dispenser as he gets rewarded for getting on and off!

My favourite talk was one given to two classes of year one and two students. I had one of our local O&M’s co present which always makes things more fun. This talk was a little different to others I have given to groups of similar ages. We put more emphasis on things they can do to help someone who is blind or vision impaired. The reason for this is one of their classmates is vision impaired. After the talk I took Wiley out of harness so the children could come and give him a pat. The vision impaired student spent ages patting him – I wonder if, when they are older, they will apply for their own guide dog.

Another highpoint was the opportunity to meet up with my friend and his new Guide Dog. As part of their training I was invited to meet up them so they could experience working around another Guide Dog team.  We tested both dogs by having them sit together at a cafe. Wiley was desperate to say hi to the other dog under the table but managed to restrain himself. My friends dog was incredibly well behaved.  The trainer was there making sure things went smoothly.

After our coffee and some guiding work we gave the dogs an opportunity to meet out of harness. They were both very excited and keen to do the typical canine greeting – lots of sniffing and circling. After asking permission I bent down to say hi and give my friends dog a quick pat – she is wiggly and adorable. I had to laugh as she was very interested in the contents of my treat pouch and Wiley was very interested in my friends. I guess treats taste better from someone else’s bag 🙂

I was very impressed with how well they are working together. They are already an awesome team and I know it will only get better.

I haven’t been to the physio for a while. I am still not running outside. I think it will be several months before I start running seriously again. Not to worry, I can still enjoy long hilly walks, short treadmill runs and rowing to keep me fit.

Today Wiley and I are enjoying a day at home. I have chores to catch up on and Wiley deserves a day off. He is currently soaking up some winter sun, whilst devouring a large chew treat on the balcony.

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