The week that was

Happy Bus Travels

Wiley and I have done quite a bit of bus travel this week. We seemed to be getting on and off buses all day long. Most of my bus trips have been extra enjoyable thanks to the company of my fellow passengers. I have had some very  interesting and enjoyable conversations on a whole range of subjects as well as the opportunity to answer lots of questions about vision loss and guide dogs.

I’ve received a number of offers of assistance at the interchanges in finding the correct bay or bus. I appreciate the help each and every time I am offered it but it is especially nice on extra chilly days as I can keep my hand in my warm pocket rather than holding up the number of the bus I wish to catch.

All these positive experiences and interactions with members of the public remind me what a lovely (albeit currently very cold) community Canberra is – well most of the time!

Decision Made – It’s mobile GEO for me!

Tuesday was my last lesson in GPS training. After several months learning how to use both Trekker Breeze and Mobile GEO I finally mastered all the features which meant we could close the program. As with most mobility aids I have lots of practice ahead of me before I am really competent.

After some deliberation I decided Mobile GEO was the best device for my circumstances. I packed up my Trekker Breeze and handed it back to Guide Dogs for someone else to utilize.

Education Talks

This week was all about training. I had both a taxi talk as well as a bus talk. Both were enjoyable with students that seemed particularly engaged and asked lots of questions. I had to keep reminding myself why I was there as I could have gone on and on about many different and somewhat irrelevant tangents.

Wild winter weather

I  jinxed myself writing about our lovely winter walks. Since Monday we have had a run of wet, windy and very cold days and nights. There have been mega blizzards and heaps of snow fall on the mountains and I can feel it each and every time the wind blows.

It hasn’t kept us from enjoying a daily walk but I have had to be selective about the routes we take. Some paths are slipperier than others and in high winds I avoid areas with lots of gum trees. They are notorious for dropping big limbs.

I’ve mentioned before that wind makes crossing roads difficult, Wiley and I have spent much longer than normal waiting to cross a road as the wind has been masking the sound of traffic.

Wiley isn’t at all keen on wearing any type of jacket but in the last week even he has embraced the comfort provided by wet and warm weather gear.

I am really looking forward to the weekend, I have plans to catch up with friends on Saturday and then join the Achilles group for a walk around Lake Ginninderra on Sunday.

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