Lots to smile about

I have had a great week. Nothing particularly special has happened but lots of little things that have bought a smile to my face.

There have been four separate occasions when out walking with Wiley I have had a fellow dog walker call out to me – saying they had a dog, it was on lead and they had stepped off the path so we could keep walking. I made sure I thanked them, explaining how helpful it was.

I was approached about putting in an application for an upcoming job vacancy. I’m not sure I’m the best person for the position but it was lovely to be asked to apply. I have been working on a CV as my current one is very outdated.

This week Taxi talk was lots of fun. The students were very enthusiastic and keen to participate.

Two buses I caught had drivers that attended one of my bus training sessions. They pulled up close to where I was standing, told me their bus number and asked if I needed help. They did everything right which makes me so happy. It is also rather nice having a driver say ‘Hi Jo’.

I met up with my friend who has been training with his lovely new Guide Dog at Achilles training. Everything is going really well. Sometime in the next few weeks we hope to arrange a play session for the dogs. I am sure they would have a ball.

I’ve enjoyed a couple of wonderful outings with friends and each time Wiley’s work was flawless. I love it when his guiding is perfect in front of family and friends, they are always so impressed.

I’ve made a couple of very tasty veggie soups lately. There is something very comforting about a big bowl of soup on a cold night.

But best of all at the end of each day I get to cuddle with Wiley. Nothing makes me happier than having him rest his head on my chest and sigh with contentment – absolute bliss!

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