A week house sitting

Wiley and I have had a rather quiet week. Since Tuesday we have been staying at my parents looking after their house and little dog.

That has meant an awful lot of walking for me as I took both dogs out twice a day. At least the walks were interesting for Wiley as there was lots of different places to explore and smells to investigate.

I purposely kept my working and social engagements to a minimum as I don’t like leaving the wee dog on his own for too long.  I headed out to the shops a couple of times but other than that Wiley enjoyed a break from work.

It was little too wet and cold for us to spend long outside in the garden but Wiley had a few mad zoomies chasing after various toys which is always fun to listen to. The little dog is getting a bit too old for mad dashes so he had a gentle meander while I played with Wiley.

Wiley had a mobile dog wash on Thursday. The groomer made sure he was well dried with the blower as I didn’t want him catching a chill. Wiley isn’t too keen on the blower/dryer but he tolerates it. It helps that I stand close by offering him treats every now and then.

I am looking forward to getting back home and into our normal routine. I have especially missed our hilly bush walks. A change is nice every now and then but home is still my favourite place to be.

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