A quick catch up

It has been quite a dreary week, with cold winds and rain. It hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm for walks but we have had to be extra careful as some of the bush tracks have been a little slippery.

Job Application

I haven’t down much blogging as I have been spending quite a bit of time working on my application letter. I had to address each selection criteria, it was much harder than I anticipated. I find listing my positive qualities really rather difficult. My wonderful friend helped me by reviewing what I had written and editing my final draft.  I am pleased to report that both the letter and CV are ready to send off on Monday, a day before they are due.


I had a couple of talks this week, plus a meeting to plan for a talk coming up in a couple of weeks. Both talks went well, my favourite was one I shared with one of our wonderful local O&M instructors. It was about Guide Dog services and presented to a group of senior citizens. I particularly enjoyed taking Wiley around to meet people at the end of the talk. His harness was off so people could give him a pat.

The talk that is coming up is on Operant Conditioning, I am doing it along side a very experienced Guide Dog instructor. As a big fan of positive reinforcement I am looking forward to sharing and demonstrating how I use praise and treats whilst working with Wiley.

Lunch with my niece.

It is school holidays at the moment so yesterday I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Canberra Centre with my gorgeous niece. We bought a couple of juices and found some seats so we could relax and enjoy them. Wiley had done quite a bit of guiding so he happily flopped down and promptly went to sleep.

We’d been there for a while when someone approached us and asked if Wiley was a Guide Dog. I told him them he was and pointed out his harness. He then asked if I had a certificate for him (I assumed he meant ID). I told him I did and offered to show him but he said he didn’t need to read it. Apparently someone had complained so he was sent to investigate. Once he confirmed Wiley was a qualified Guide Dog he called centre management to let them know and then left us to enjoy the rest of our juice.

My niece was a little surprised someone  complained abut Wiley as he had been lying quietly dozing. It is the first time I have been approached by security because of a complaint. I expect it was a misunderstanding as not everyone knows that Guide/service dogs can go into all public places.

I would have appreciated if the security guard had identified himself as it took me a while to figure out why he was asking me questions. At first I though it was just an interested member of the public. It wash’t until he asked if I had ID and explained he was investigating a complaint that I figured out it must be someone from  security. At least he was friendly and polite.

Harness Cam Update

I stil don’t have any footage of Wiley working, I will try to rectify that this week.  For the last several months I have been trying to capture some video of the kangaroos we come across on our recreational walks. It seems that whenever I wore the camera the kangaroos disappeared. Whenever I forgot to put it on I could hear them jumping off to the side of me all the time. This morning I  think (hope) I managed to catch some kangaroos on film. This is for all my overseas relatives and readers who may not get to see kangaroos all that often 🙂


2 thoughts on “A quick catch up

  1. I’ve been told there is a roo on the left who jumps away but stays in shot just behind a bush and then a Joey turns up but doesn’t stay in view.

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