Harness Cam debut

Finally I have some footage of Wiley working. A friend has watched it and assured me he is in the shot. Technically it isn’t a harness cam as I am wearing the camera. It is angled to provide video of Wiley working which was ultimately what I wanted to achieve with a harness camera.

Here is a description of the video for my vision impaired friends. I have asked Wiley to find the bus stop. He walks forward along the path then finds a right turn, stopping at the kerb. He crosses the road on my command, stopping again at the medium strip. When we get to the other side of the road he follows the path, sticking to the left hand side so I avoid any vegetation growing on the right hand side.

we continue along the path until he takes a left hand turn down towards the bus stop, once again stopping at the kerb. After being given the forward command he takes me across the road, does a sharp turn to the right, walks into the bus shelter and rests his head on a empty part of the seat. Job done and lots of praise from me.

This is an easy and routine walk for us so I don’t talk to Wiley too much, just let him get on with his job. I am not sure if you can see or hear on the video but I am giving him various hand signals and verbal commands as well as altering my body position depending if I anticipate him turning right or left.

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