The week that was

Wiley and I have enjoyed a week with some very busy days and some extremely quiet ones.

Last Friday we headed off to the other side of Canberra to do a bus talk. Afterwards I stopped in the city to do a little shopping. I needed some ingredients for a batch of sugar cookies I planned to bake on Saturday.

At one point Wiley was distracted by another Guide Dog, but at least that give me a chance to talk to the other dogs handler. Other than that his work was faultless.

After a lovely long walk Saturday was spent doing domestic chores. As well as doing the housework I made a huge batch of veggie soup and baked my cookies. Thankfully both turned out well and were rather tasty.

Sunday Wiley and I had a wonderful day. We headed over to my friends place so Wiley and his Guide Dog could enjoy some playtime. The dogs had an absolute ball running and chasing each other around his garden. After a bit of a rest we put the dogs into harness and went for a walk. It was good for both dogs to work in close proximity to another dog. I particularly wanted Wiley to get some practice after he was distracted by another Guide Dog on Friday. After our walk there was some more playtime for the dogs before Wiley and I headed home.

Monday was a busy day with not one but two talks. The first was for a local Probus group, the second was our regular taxi talk. Both Wiley and I were tired by the time we got home.

Wednesday I went into the city for a haircut and a shopping trip with my sister. It was hard work for Wiley who had to find five or so destinations, work in a busy shopping centre and follow my sister or shop assistance around a number of different shops. I was so proud of him – he was so focused and didn’t put a paw wrong. We also had the chance to do lots of escalator work.

So far there isn’t any news about the  job application I submitted last week.

Next week I have a talk on Operant conditioning which I am really looking forward to. I also hope to do a little more filming of Wiley working.

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