Job interview & escalator review

Last Friday Wiley and I caught up with our lovely Guide Dog Instructor for a follow up of the escalator training we had a few weeks ago. Being the clever boy he is Wiley found the instructor at our pre arranged meeting place without me even asking.

We went up and down lots of different escalators and travellators, Wiley was a star not putting a single foot wrong. We had practiced on most of them over the last month or so. He also did some nice work weaving in and out of crowds. We passed the review with no problem.

Yesterday I had my job interview – I was a little nervous as I haven’t been to an interview in years. Having Wiley with me was wonderful, he not only guided me but provided me with some much needed stress relief. Running his beautiful silky ears through my fingers always makes me feel instantly better.

The interview lasted for about an hour. There were lots of questions, fortunately I managed to answer them all although perhaps not always with a great deal of confidence. To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the other candidates demonstrated better skills for the position than I have.

After the interview finished I realised I had actually quite enjoyed myself. It isn’t often you get the opportunity to reflect on previous achievements and accomplishments. I also always enjoy talking about my current position as a Guide Dog speaker. Wiley was a very good boy and demonstrated how he can happily lie quietly when I am otherwise occupied.

I am not sure how long it will be until I find out if I have been successful. Regardless of the outcome it has been a positive experience, I now have an updated CV and some much needed practice at being interviewed.

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