John and Jazzy walking for Guide Dogs

My friend John and his lovely Guide Dog Jazzy are Canberra’s newest Guide Dog team. They have been teamed up for around 8 weeks and are doing incredibly well together.

Wiley and Jazzy are great mates. They love racing around like lunatics when they are off duty but are both very focused on their work when in harness.

John and Jazzy (or as I like to call them J&J) are great ambassadors for Guide Dogs. They have featured in various radio and TV appearances, doing a wonderful job of increasing awareness about the services provided by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

Now as a way to raise funds for Guide Dogs John has entered himself and Jazzy into the 5km Canberra Times Fun Run.  Marcus Paul a 2CC radio presenter is walking the route with John and Jazzy.

To hear John talk about his latest challenge please listen to the podcast of his interview with Marcus.

To support John and donate to Guide Dogs click on the following link which will take you to his everyday hero page.

Go J&J 🙂

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