Spring is in the air, bicycles are on the paths

Although the last few mornings have been a little chilly and frosty early on they quickly transition into beautiful sunny and almost warm days. There is a definite feel of spring in the air. On our walks I can smell blossoms which is the best indicator for me that spring is just around the corner.

I love early spring, although hay fever can become an issue. It is nice to walk without the need for coats, gloves and beanies. There are more people out and about walking their dogs which means Wiley has more opportunity to say hi when we are on our recreational walks.

Thanks to the nice weather I have also found there are more cyclist out and about. I have had a couple of scares as bikes rush past really close making me jump. When walking Wiley along cycle paths I keep him to my left so he is not in the path of on coming cyclists. Although we are both generally safe it doesn’t mean it isn’t frightening having something quickly and quietly appear out of nowhere.

When an on coming cyclist rings their bell or acknowledges there presence I make a point of stepping off the path and thanking them. Having the awareness of their presence makes things much less stressful.

I have found more cyclists make a noise if they are coming up from behind than from in front. It seems the former might be a recognised form of cycling etiquette whereas identifying themselves when coming towards a person isn’t standard practice.

For my part when I am sharing an off duty walk with Wiley I am mindful of using my cane to ensure I stay to the far left of the path as I can. Thereby giving cyclists as much room as possible. When I am working with Wiley he is very good at always keeping to the left and will slow down as a cyclist pasts.

One thing I love about Canberra is the four distinct seasons. Each one has lots of enjoy as well as a couple of challenges. Much like life in general really.

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