The week that was including my first day at work

For the last few weeks I have been enjoying house and dog sitting for my parents while they were away. That meant walks in different areas as well as a garden for Wiley to play in. My parents wee dog was well behaved, despite his diminutive stature he is still very much the boss of the dogs.

I think Wiley’s highlight of the week was last Sunday when John and Jazzy came over for a visit. The two dogs had a great time playing chases through the garden. I had blocked off part of the garden as there was a high wall I didn’t want them to play near but fearless Jazzy soon taught Wiley how to jump over my barrier.

John and Jazzy are the dynamic duo raising funds for Guide Dogs by participating in the 5km Canberra Times Fun Run on Sunday 7th September. There was a great article about their efforts in yesterdays Canberra Times.

For me the weeks highlight was my first day at work. I only did a part day which was just as well as even that was quite exhausting. There are some limitations on what I can do until I get adaptive technology in the office but despite this I was still able to be productive. I think my favourite task is going to be answering the phone, I love talking to people 🙂

Wiley had a very relaxing first day on the job, being a Guide Dog office it is well set up for visiting dogs. There are water bowls and everyone was happy for Wiley to be off harness and have a bit of a wander around. Once he had investigated he chose to stay close to wherever I was. To my relief he didn’t feel the need to get up and go to the door whenever anyone entered or left. I think I will take in a bed and a toy or two that he and any visiting dogs can enjoy.

Wiley’s least favourite activity of the week was his mobile dog wash and blow dry. At least he feels and smells lovely and clean now. He is starting to lose his fine haired undercoat, the same thing happened last spring. For the next few weeks I will do twice daily grooming sessions instead of our usual one. This won’t bother  Wiley as unlike baths he enjoys being brushed.

Later today Wiley and I have plans to go walking with a friend,  it is such a lovely day I am really looking forward to it.

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