The week that was and the need to shop

Wiley and I have had a fairly quiet week. I wasn’t needed at the Guide Dog Office. There really isn’t too much for me to do until I get my adaptive technology organised.

We had two talks scheduled for the week. That meant a lot of bus and taxi travel but nothing out of the ordinary. The talks went well, particularly the bus talk where I had a lovely engaged audience.

We met up with a friend and my sister for a couple of lovely walks. Walks are even more fun when you can share them with people whose company you love. It is also nice to have someone warn me about approaching bikes, dogs etc.

The challenge of the week was to find a JP to authenticate my photo ID for my employment file. Wiley and I had to make out way to Gungahlin Town Centre where a couple of JP’s set up a stall each week.

Wiley performed flawlessly. I asked for directions from one of the shops in the centre but after they told me which way I needed to go Wiley did the rest. I had a great chat with the lovely ladies manning the stall. They were very impressed with Wiley and had lots of questions.

Once I got my ID certified I gave Wiley directions on how to get to the Post Office so I could post off my paperwork. Unfortuantely the PO has a system where to get service you need to push a button and get a piece of paper with a number. I had to ask the person in front of me to get the paper and read me the number.

Once my number was called I was told to go to window 3, not very helpful when you can’t read the counter numbers. Thankfully the assistant behind the counter noticed my dilemma and explained how to get to her. The rest was easy, in fact it turned out to be quite an enjoyable outing.

Great news – John and Jazzy completed the Canberra Times Fun Run on Sunday. From all accounts they had a good time and as expected Jazzy handled the crowds and distractions beautifully. They have raised around $2500 which is amazing, I am so proud of both of them.

I am currently trying to motivate myself to get out and do some shopping. I need some new clothes to go with my new position. It isn’t my favourite activity but something that needs to be done.  The majority of my current wardrobe is too casual. I am thinking of keeping it simple with black pants (they don’t show up black dog hair!) and some different tops. I might ask my sister to join me, she is good about being honest about the way things look.

This week is shaping up to be a nice mix of different things to do.

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