Early Intervention & Therapy Expo and Wiley is off to the vet

I think Wiley has the start of an ear infection. I have noticed he has shaken his head a couple of times and his left ear has a slight yeasty smell. I have booked him into the vet later this morning as it is best to get these things checked out before they get nasty.

On Saturday Wiley, Beth (Regional Manager of the Canberra Guide Dog Office) and I headed off to a Early Intervention and Therapy Expo. We manned the Guide Dog stand. Our main aim was to let people know that Guide Dogs offer a full range of mobility training and services not just Guide Dogs.

In particular we focused on children’s services as that was the target audience of the Expo. Our stall had lots of colour, pamphlets about transition and child services, accessible games, child sized pretty coloured canes and the little room.

It was a great day, as well as having the opportunity to talk to parents we were able to network with many of the other service providers. I had great conversation with an NDIS planner and dropped in to visit the lovely people at Royal Society for the Blind RSB/Canberra Blid Society (CBS).

As usual Wiley made lots of new friends. I took him out of harness when I was just hanging around the stall so people could say hello. I also took along my black Labrador hand puppet so I could play with the children and give Wiley a break if he needed it.

Well time to head off to the vet. I’ll update later with his diagnosis.

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