Wiley’s vet visit

Well my nose didn’t lie, Wiley does have an ear infection. Thankfully I caught it nice and early so although there is some redness the ear flap and canal are clean and clear with no swelling. I have some medication to put in his ear once a day for 10 days and some cleaner that I also have to use once a day for five days.  All going well his ears should be 100% better very soon.

I walked Wiley to the vet, he worked well on the way there and was very good at the vets. He stayed in a down stay even when other dogs came and went. He was a little distracted by a happy staffy when we came out of the exam room, but quickly got back to work finding me the counter.

As usual he was wonderful while being examined. He lets the vet do whatever they need without complaint. As he was such a good boy the vet gave him a treat. He asked me first and although I don’t usually let people give Wiley food I make an exception for vets.

I weighed Wiley when we first arrived, he was 25.75kg. For the last year his weight has been between 25-26kg. I told the vet the public are forever commenting on his weight, at the expo just about everybody mentioned how lean he looked. The vet reassured me his weight is spot on, perfect for a working dog.

His work on the way home was perfect, I think he was pleased to leave the vets and get back to his comfy bed. He has been snoozing ever since.

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