Job Access approval

To enable me to fulfil the duties of my position as Client Liaison Officer I need some adaptive technology. This includes a screen reader program so I can access a computer and a scanner and optical character recognition (OCR) software so I can scan printed documents and have them read to me.

This type of equipment and technology is expensive but thankfully you can apply for funding to cover the cost of the equipment. My supervisor put in a Employer Assistance Fund application with Job Access. We had an interview at the office with an assessor who went through what my duties will be and what aids are available to help me. He submitted his report and then a week or so later I got the great news the funding had been approved.

Items being purchased for me include JAWS professional, a Pearl camera (scanner), Openbook Software(OCr) and a Touch memo audio labeller. With all these aids I shouldn’t have any issues fulfilling all the responsibilities of my new role. Now we just need to order, receive and install them!

I have also decided to purchase a new laptop. I will use it for both home and work. At the moment I use a Mac with voiceover, it has a different operating system to the one used at work which is window based. To become proficient using JAWS and windows I want to be able to practice at home. I’ve spent some time researching different laptops but before I actually purchase one I need to get some information from the IT guys so I can make sure I buy one that is compatible with work systems and my new screen reader software. There is some work ahead of me but I can’t wait to get stuck in.

2 thoughts on “Job Access approval

  1. Jo,
    Have you considered installing Boot-Camp and then installing Windows 7 or 8? An Apple store genius might be able to help out, depending on the age and size of your Mac’s memory. But do stress Boot-Camp as it will use one JAWS licence unlike VM ware or Parallels that will use up licenses each time they start. Boot-Camp allows you to boot up your Mac in either the normal way or as a Windows laptop.

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